A little about Cold Porcelain

Called Cold Porcelain mainly because the compounds don’t require being heated/baked like traditional porcelain as it air-dries. Its characteristics provide a smooth and extremely malleable texture that can be sculpted into any shape you can imagine and then air-dried; allowing artists to design and replicate nature with amazing lifelike detail. Other great advantages of Cold Porcelain are that it is very durable, light-weight, it can be colored, texturized and easily combined with many kinds of materials, therefore achieving realistic and beautiful details with a smooth finishes like no other clay. Cold Porcelain enables fine Art that with the right care can last a lifetime.

So, what’s your secret ingredient?

This is a very common question I get once a student or a client gets to work with my Cold Porcelain Clay. My answer… it’s not a secret, it’s a “je ne sais quoi” that I have with this Art. Call it connection, love, appeal… I like to call it PASSION! Cold Porcelain Art is what opens up my heart and soul to the world of creativity, making Cold Porcelain Clay is just part of this Art.

Making Cold Porcelain Clay

Cold Porcelain Clay Purchase

Cold Porcelain Clay 101

Well… it really depends on you. There are many recipes out there that can teach you how to make your own Cold Porcelain Clay, it takes practice, most likely a messy kitchen and some trial and error with ingredients to achieve the Clay consistency that YOU want.

If you want to bypass the step of making it and go straight to working with it, you always have the option to buy it. Like the many recipes available for how to make it, there are many ready to use Cold Porcelain Clay options available for purchase, this option will too take some trial – and hopefully minimal error – to find the one YOU like the most.


for Artists

It’s all about your artistic skills… and the right tools. Detail, realism, dimension and ultimately PERFECTION, this is what you can achieve when sculpting with Cold Porcelain Clay. Let your inspiration come to life! 

for Crafters

You know the feeling… when you come across something that immediately activates your creative nature, rushing you through countless ideas that have one thing in common – how much you will ENJOY creating them! Well… get ready, because Cold Porcelain Clay will unleash a world of infinite creative possibilities! 

for Kids

Create. Have Fun. Repeat. Cold Porcelain Clay provides hours of fun for those little Michelangelos that want to discover or perfect their artistic talents, and for those little ones that just like to experiment… the good news is that Cold Porcelain Clay is non-toxic.