Petal by petal, each flower is sculpted to perfection and great detail.

Many aspects of life depend on flowers, as they represent the means by which humans express their feelings and emotions to others, and often times have the ability to directly connect with another human’s heart.

My passion for replicating flowers through Cold Porcelain comes with the utmost admiration to what I consider nature’s most important gift to the humans’ senses… Flowers!

The uniqueness of Cold Porcelain Flowers!

Gifting flowers is a way to help celebrate every important life event as well as help make any ordinary day, an event to remember. This tradition has been present in many cultures around the world for a very long time, developing different arts that today combine the varied shapes, shades, patterns, styles and colors into amazing floral arrangements.

Cold Porcelain Flowers will not only add an artistic element to these important occasions, but will also make these memories last a lifetime!

“This is our third order of stunning flowers by Ximena Rojas. It is important to know she will make the flowers to suit your desires. Such as the length of a stem or the color of a petal. Ximena is an exquisite artist, a polite and gracious person and an utter delight with whom to do business. You will be so pleased with a purchase from Ximena. This is our third order because anyone who sees our flowers wants them for their own, hence we keep giving them away. Everyone is overjoyed when they learn these are handmade. “
Custom Order for a client in Morrisville, North Carolina
“This is really great clay to work with, so smooth and way hard and flexible when it dries! The seller ships super-fast too, thanks a lot for a great product!”
Cold Porcelain Clay order from Salem, Oregon
“This is even cuter in person than in the picture! Looks realistic…will be perfect for the Christmas themed terrarium that I’m making…Shipped and arrived quickly and packaged well to avoid breakage. Beautiful piece of art!”
Custom Order for a client in Cincinnati, Ohio
“I bought this as a Christmas present for my girlfriend. She had mentioned once that yellow roses were her favorite. What better than to get than a flower that would last forever? The pictures really don’t do justice to just how beautiful and intricate these sculptures are. Needless to say it was worth every penny.”
Custom Order for a client in Eustis, Florida